Comprehensive Healthcare Cybersecurity Solutions

Healthcare is under attack. Cybercriminals are more sophisticated than ever and the attack surface is always expanding with new innovation and connected devices. RavenTek Health provides purpose built cybersecurity solutions and services to help healthcare organizations assess cyber risk, harden their cybersecurity posture and continuously improve how they secure the patient experience. RavenTek Health is committed to driving risk out of healthcare organizations and keeping patient data secure. You need the right partner to support your cybersecurity journey.

Ransomware Readiness + Response

What is your ransomware recovery plan? We can help. 

Ransomware and cyberattacks on health care systems have spiked during the pandemic threatening patient care and patient data. Ransomware readiness and response must be a top priority for every health system. 

Health organizations need to adopt a holistic approach for effective ransomware prevention and event responses that first includes evaluating their cyberattack exposure. After proper risk assessment, a comprehensive ransomware preparedness strategy encompassing people, processes, and technology should follow. 


Cyber Incident Response and Remediation Services 

We Respond, Detect, Investigate, and provide breach incident response services. Our Incident response services manage and help remediation efforts following a cyber attack. 


Zero Trust Micro-Segmentation

Security starts with visibility. Many healthcare organizations rely on legacy firewalls with little visibility and long, complex rule sets to control north-south traffic. But, what about lateral, east-west traffic? Micro-segmentation is an emerging security best practice that offers several advantages over more traditional approaches like network segmentation and application segmentation. These commonplace methods rely heavily on network-based controls that are coarse and often cumbersome to manage. A software-based segmentation element of Zero-Trust Micro-segmentation separating security controls from the underlying infrastructure allows organizations the flexibility of extended protection and visibility anywhere.

Achieve complete Visibility:

Crowdsourced Security Testing

Security teams need an “X” factor to drive risk out of their healthcare system. We believe continuous security testing is required to keep up with numerous evolving attacks. Most healthcare organizations lack the bandwidth to maintain or scale an always-on security testing program. Traditional compliance-driven penetration tests performed once a year by two resources over two weeks providing a list of potential vulnerabilities for IS teams to track fall short in securing healthcare today. 

What is crowdsourced security testing? Imagine 50-60 of the most qualified security researchers and ethical hackers hunting for vulnerabilities in your most critical assets 24x7x365.


RavenVision: Enterprise Observability + Visibility

“You can’t protect what you can’t see.” RavenTek Health believes enterprise visibility and observability are the foundations of every cybersecurity program. An observability gap occurs when many visibility datasets remain in individual silos, whereas a visibility gap occurs when critical telemetry information is missing from any one of those silos. 

RavenTek has developed the RavenVISION methodology to help healthcare organizations identify gaps and overlaps in data, maximize the use of existing IT investments, and aggregate all enterprise visibility datasets. The RavenVISION Observability Data Value Chain provides deep visibility into security, infrastructure, operations, and network datasets integrations. Zero trust risk assessment algorithms train Machine Learning models to predict, prevent, respond and protect enterprise data.

Backup + Disaster Recovery Solutions

After a cyberattack, the first line of defense is to have a backup recovery strategy and restore from backups. Cybercriminals are focusing on health systems backups as a target. Healthsystems must ensure data and critical PII is backed up safely and securely so that life saving and life enabling operations can continue without disruption.

RavenTek Health simplifies data backup and recovery. Securely backup and recover your mission-critical data no matter where it lives. Traditional legacy backup solutions take hours or days to recover jobs. Experience instant recovery, fully automates data protection across your entire environment, cloud, hybrid cloud, and on-premise, and lower your cost by 50%.


IoT/IoMT Device Security Solutions

Internet of Things (IoT) and Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) are the future of healthcare. IoT/IoMT enables remote monitoring, hospital hygiene monitoring, increased data accuracy, improved hospital processes, and improved patient safety. Securing unmanaged IoT/IoMT devices adds complex blind spots for most IT and Cybersecurity teams. 

RavenTek Health helps healthcare organizations gain complete visibility into every device and the systems those devices are communicating to.

RavenTek Health IoT/IoMT Solutions:

Managed DDoS Attack Defense

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks pose problems for healthcare providers who need access to the network to provide proper patient care. By design, DDoS attacks intend to cripple an organization in preventing access to critical data, systems, or delivery of life-saving care. Patient care and safety are at risk. Cybercriminals do not prioritize the well-being of patients. While cybercriminals intent is unknown, DDoS attacks are growing threats for healthcare systems undergoing digital transformations and cloud/hybrid cloud initiatives.


Application Security + API Security

Gartner predicts that by 2022, application programming interface (API) attacks will become the most-frequent attack vector, causing data breaches for enterprise web applications.


RavenTek Health’s architects help healthcare organizations keep applications and patient data safe. Application security solutions protect apps and APIs across architectures, clouds, and ecosystem integrations to reduce risk and operational complexity while accelerating innovation and digital transformation.