Healthcare Cybersecurity
& Compliance Solutions

RavenTek Health secures the patient and member experience for healthcare providers, payers and CRO’s.

Assess Risk  |  Secure the Cloud  |  Protect Data  |  Stop Ransomware

Healthcare Cybersecurity Solutions

People. Process. Technology

Understand your baseline cybersecurity posture, identify gaps and build resilience. 

Monitor how your program is running and confirm your plans and assumptions are valid.

Healthcare IT

Contract  Healthcare IT and Cybersecurity Staffing solutions for Healthcare organizations 

You can’t protect what you can’t see. Whole hospital visibility into every process, app and workflow.

Ransomware Defense + Strategy
Zero Trust Segmentation Strategy
Backup + Recovery Solutions
Crowdsourced Security Testing

About RavenTek Health

We provide purpose built cybersecurity solutions and services to help healthcare organizations assess cyber risk, harden their cybersecurity posture and continuously improve how they secure the patient experience. RavenTek Health is committed to driving risk out of healthcare organizations and keep patient data secure. 

We help our clients…

  • Drive innovation and patient engagement with confidence. 
  • Earn patients’ trust by delivering outstanding care securely. 
  • Defend against ransomware, cyber threats and data breaches securely.