Healthcare Technology & Cybersecurity Solutions

RavenTek Health is committed to improving the delivery of healthcare and simplifying the patient experience for federal, civilian and commercial organizations while keeping their data secure. 

Transform Healthcare Delivery   |  Secure the Cloud  |  Deliver Measurable Results

Our Solutions

People. Process. Technology.


Improved Outcomes

Proactively identify gaps in care and potential risks through improved quality measurement and predictive algorithms.

Streamline processes and workflows while reducing unnecessary costs.


Data Strategy & Governance

Establish governance to achieve rigorous data accuracy, integrity, security and availability.

Acknowledge and address the extraordinary amount of change required to become a genuinely data-driven organization.


Advanced Analytics & Insights

Normalize and integrate clinical and revenue cycle data into business and clinical workflows.

Standardize best-practice visualization tools for sharing  insights across the organization.


Cybersecurity Solutions

Understand your baseline cybersecurity posture, identify gaps and build resilience.  

Defend against ransomware, cyber threats and data breaches.

About RavenTek Health

We provide technology and talent to help healthcare organizations reduce unnecessary costs, improve outcomes, and harden their cybersecurity posture. We take the time to understand your organization, your systems and how your people work. We bring together the world’s leading technology innovators and problem solvers, and partner with leading-edge technology companies and disruptors. Bottom line, RavenTek Health always puts the client mission first, ensuring we remain trusted advisors and innovators and helping you achieve your digital transformation goals.