Healthcare Cybersecurity Strategy

Prepare for the future with a cybersecurity strategy built to accelerate innovation 

Your healthcare organization is changing constantly. Align your strategic and security goals to implement the right strategy that with accelerate innovation and secure the patient experience. Build your brand around trust. 

Working with the RavenTek Health team, your healthcare organization will achieve: 

Prioritize Investments and Strategic Initiatives

Build trust, remove risk and fund secure patient experiences 

Seamless Security and Business Operations 

Meet business and healthcare operations goals while securing innovation. 

Actionable Security Plan 

Bridge security across clinical, operations and IT teams with an enterprise-wide security strategy

Self-Fund Digital Transformation 

Identify security redundancies and implement solutions that consolidate security spending

Eliminate Visibility Gaps 

Blindspots are risk. Eliminate them across your entire health system. 

Maximize ROI

Leverage your existing IT and Security investments better and get more out of the technology already implemented. 

Strategy drives security, eliminates risk and enables compliance. Here is how RavenTek can help: 

1. Needs analysis and cybersecurity framework program development

RavenTek Health will perform a deep discovery of your current cybersecurity posture and learn about your healthcare organization. Next, our consultants implement the appropriate security framework (NIST, CIS, etc.) to meet your organizational goals. 

2. Risk assessment and analysis

The RavenTek Health team will actively perform a threat assessment, identify vulnerabilities and assign a risk score based on a baseline cybersecurity risk assessment. Our team will identify critical controls, gaps and deficiencies with report delivered to key stakeholders. 

3. Strategy Development

Once we know your healthcare organization, the RavenTek Health subject matter experts will provide a detailed plan of action and remediation plan to address requirements, drive out risk and keep patient and institutional data safe and secure.  

4. IT and Security Investment Roadmap

Based on the engagement, a detailed plan of action will be created to methodically transition to a security framework. We will provide prioritization and budgeting strategies to support our findings – setting you up for success.