Privacy + Compliance

Privacy + Compliance

Priavcy + Compliance

In the U.S., the HIPAA Security Rule requires that covered entities (CEs) and their business associates (BAs) conduct an accurate and thorough assessment of the potential risks and vulnerabilities to the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of electronic protected health information (ePHI). The Office for Civil Rights (OCR) states that “conducting a risk analysis is the first step in identifying and implementing safeguards that comply with and carry out the standards and implementation specifications in the Security Rule”. The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) also stress the importance of performing a security risk analysis to safeguard ePHI and require it for incentive payment programs. in the market. Our engineering team is constantly surveying the IT landscape for the leading-edge technologies that allow us to execute for our customers.

HIPAA Gap Assessment

RavenTek Health has an extensive understanding of the complexity of HIPAA compliance, and can develop a comprehensive HIPAA gap assessment specific to your unique challenges. We provide you with an overview of your major areas of concern, and a roadmap to address all challenges and areas of improvement. The RavenTek HIPAA gap assessment gives you a high-level view of areas to improve ahead of an audit and ensure compliance. 

During a HIPAA Privacy and Gap Assessment, RavenTek Health will: 

At the conclusion of an engagement, RavenTek Health will provide your healthcare organization a comprehensive roadmap and strategy for protecting ePHI and PHI and to be able to successful achieve full HIPAA compliance if formally audited. You will be provided with best practices, recommendations and strategies to drive risk out of your organization and achieve compliance to secure the patient experience.