About RavenTek

About RavenTek

Our Story

RavenTek Health is part of RavenTek Solution Partners. RavenTek Health is 100% focused on providing cybersecurity solutions to healthcare providers, payers and CRO’s.   We believe if we take care of our customers and our people, everything else takes care of itself. Building off the success of RavenTek as a Veteran Owned Small Business supporting federal agencies, RavenTek Health launched in 2020, to provide cybersecurity solutions and services to hospital systems and payers during the COVID-19 crisis. The triple threat of global pandemic, strained healthcare systems and opportunistic hackers attacking vulnerable systems focused RavenTek Health into action. We now offer comprehensive advisory services to assess, build and harden cybersecurity programs, provide novel cybersecurity technology engineering services and assist healthcare organizations large and small with driving out attackers and ransomware from their organizations. All while keeping patient data safe and securing the patient experience. 

Our Mission

To bring leading-edge IT solutions, services and products to mission critical organizations.

Our Values

We are an employee-centric company that is mission-focused. We prioritize integrity, innovation, agility, and collaboration, and have fun doing so.


About RavenTek

Frank Watson


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Michael Riordan


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Angel Ganczak

Chief Administrative Officer

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Matt Parsons

VP, Federal Healthcare

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Ryan Coleman

VP, Healthcare Cybersecurity

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Kurt Walters

VP, Finance

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Marc Otterback

EVP, Strategic Growth

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Mim Luangraj

Director of Marketing

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Vernon Samuel

VP, Engineering

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Giving Back

RavenTek pursues its commitment to the mission, customers and community not just through the work we do, but also through our community service. We are privileged to support the following organizations that do inspiring work supporting our community:

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